>Love is: a rain barrel

>My rain barrels are turned upside down, emptied for the winter so they don’t fill and freeze. Ice expands, which would crack even the heavy duty barrels.

Chuck, dear husband of mine, models trains in HO scale. For the uninitiated, HO translates as small. Tiny. Put-on-your-glasses and look very closely for details Small.

The building below is part of a granary in his layout. The rain barrel is about the size of my pinkie fingernail, if not smaller. Yes, dear readers; he made a rain barrel in his train layout in tribute to his wife’s green philosophies.

Now if I can stop him from buying the shopping bag that says, “I carry this bag because my wife cares about the environment”!

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5 thoughts on “>Love is: a rain barrel

  1. >Wow! That really takes a lot of talent! Although our husbands may complain about us and our green habits, you know they love them. My husband even switched the kind of beer he drank so it would be easier for me to recycle! Now that's love!

  2. >Oh that is so cute! What a guy! I took my boys to the fox cities open house over Thanksgiving weekend–as every year, we spent 2 hours oohing and aaahing over the lay outs.

  3. >I love the attention to detail that your husband has in his layout (the barrel, the signs).

    One of my wife's cousins has a HUGE layout in his basement (takes up 2/3 of the basement). There are tunnels, bridges, cities with outdoor movie theaters, passenger trains, freight trains, trolleys, smoke, lights, hobos, mountains, factories, and fairgrounds.

    Every year during the holidays they have an open house and have everyone over. Something changes in the layout every year. It's something that I (and the kids) always look forward to.


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