Light! More light! Mason jar light!

That was our college motto: Light! More light! These are lights we saw at a local vintage store. They’re made from canning jars, hanging on chains that are a nice shade of blue, much like my kitchen.

Jar lights

Jar lights

We looked at them closely and decided they would be better with a more original shaped bulb, but we could do that. Then we walked a little farther down the row and saw this one.

More light!

More light!

This one is more of a plain color scheme and has no chain. It would work in our dining room, though. Then Chuck had an idea.

“Let’s call the booth owner and see if we can contract him or her to make a set of hanging lights to replace the chandelier above the dining room table. Take a wagon wheel, for example, and hang four of these lights from it. That would look awesome.”

Well, the booth owner didn’t have anymore mason jar lights, and she wasn’t interested in doing custom work (party pooper). I do know someone who might, though. She makes and refinishes custom furniture. If she’s not interested in the electrical part of it, Chuck can do that.

Think. Think. Think. This has possibilities.

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