And then life happened.

I was planning on blogging, and then —

Work exhausted me. ‘Nuff said.

I prepped my usual staff meeting night chili and had Amigo add the noodles. I almost forgot to plug in the crock pot before I left for work.

I graded a megaton of final drafts. The student who submitted the wrong document (again) asked me to send it back to her because she’d accidentally deleted her draft – again. Nope.

My boss was followed, road rage style, on her way to school by someone with a vehicle that looked exactly like mine. (It’s okay. She knows it wasn’t me. I just happened to pull in the parking lot right behind her and wonder why the liaison officer was glaring at me.)

I still can’t find my zip-up Packer sweater.

I brought my laptop to the computer store for diagnosis and repair, and was told that it might take almost a full week to get parts shipped in and fix it. A week? My holiday shopping spreadsheet

And then my luck started turning around.

I arrived at school early this morning, Kwik Trip coffee and muffin and cranberry juice (never mind why the cranberry juice) in hand, turned on my Canadian Brass Christmas CD and graded papers like a machine.

I spent the afternoon on a field trip — a tour of Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame, ending with a “tour” of the Packer Pro Shop. I wore my “ugly” green and gold sweater, and all the families on the tour loved it.

Computer store called. My laptop did not need repair after all. We took off our cozy slippers and drove to the store immediately. We bought a spare power cord, just in case the current cord is wearing out but wouldn’t show it to the wonderful geeks who fix things. That totally happens, people. It’s like the kid recovering miraculously in the doctor’s office.

We received a package with a big tin of popcorn in it. I think I’ll eat some for breakfast.

I now have my holiday shopping spreadsheet again. No one will be forgotten for Christmas.

Life is good.

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