Krumpet and Biscuit

La Petite sent me a text message with a photo of a cute little lion head bunny that wasn’t her little lionhead bunny. The series of texts went something like this.

LP: It’s a male bunny up for adoption at a small animal sanctuary someone I know runs. And part of me wants it to be Krumpet’s husband.

Me:  Cute. Possibilities.

Me (a few seconds later): Oh, dear. Did I really say that?

LP: Well, Krumpet has seemed lonely and a bit mischievous lately.

LP: She’s great and clingy when I get home, but when I’m gone she gets into things.

Me: When we got Sadie, Peanut gnawed a lot less. He just needed company.

LP: I’d have to meet the little guy, probably even schedule a greeting with Krumpet.

Me: Sounds promising.

LP: They just called. He’s still available.

Me: Is he fixed?

LP: Neutered and litter trained.

Me: Do it!

She did it. She introduced her own little bunny to the potential “mate” on Saturday morning.

bunnies bonding

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