Tools – Some Things Stay the Same

This encore post covers what I’m doing now. The only change is this: we emptied the garage completely because the garage is going down and getting replaced soon. All of my tools, old and new, are in the basement for now. The rest? Everything old is new again.

Tools! I’ve been pulling my gardening supplies and tools out of the garage more and more often. Let’s see: a trowel or two, several pairs of gloves (each fits a particular task – all are dirt covered), blue basket of seeds, tongue depressors —

Tongue depressors?

Teachers use tongue depressors in all sorts of ways. This box came from a retired teacher’s garage sale and served my fourth graders for four years. When I left my classroom behind for a cubicle, I brought the remaining sticks home. They’re biodegradable, easy to use, and a perfect size on which to write. Good thing I had a lot left – look at these tomato seedlings!

And if you had any doubt about the effectiveness of my little wooden supplies, take a closer look.

They’ll go into the garden soil near each plant so I know what’s there until the plant grows up and shows its true colors, er, fruits.

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3 thoughts on “Tools – Some Things Stay the Same

  1. I am disappointed that you have not yet followed up on your straw bale gardening. We know how the hay bales turned out—looking like a chia pet, but how did the straw work?

  2. The straw bales worked well last summer, but were not solid enough to use for a second year. I spread the remaining straw and soil (inner parts of the bales) to mix with the rest of the soil.

    • I talked to wife and she wants to do straw this year. She says her back is getting old. Now, where do I get straw?

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