>I’ve got daisies….in green pastures….

>I’ve been humming “I’ve Got Rhythm” ever since Amigo and I went to his high school’s production of Crazy for You. Now I have even more reason — reasons, really — to sing my own songs and blow my own horn!

Glennia of The Silent I has given me the Nice Blogger award and compounded it with a Rockin’ Blogger award, too! When I stopped over to visit her yesterday, she had a post up about rockin’ liberals. Oh, she’s my kind of blogger! Thanks, Glennia, I think we share some political leanings as well as enjoying each other’s family-related posts.
Update: Nicole from Not Just a Working Mom and Silicon Valley Moms also offered me a Nice Matters Award! I feel like I’m swimming in pink, and I should be blushing!

MammaCheryl, another Wisconsin blogger, posts on Red Pens and Diapers. She thought I should participate in a great meme from BlogHer. It’s short and simple and doesn’t require any html, so I thought I’d go right ahead!

1.) State the name of your blog, your online name, and link to your “about me” page.
Hello, BlogHer fans and others. My blogging name is Daisy, my blog is Compost Happens. I also post poetry at A Mother’s Garden of Verses and contribute to Mid-Century Modern Moms. My profile/ about me page is here.

2.) Say you want to be profiled on BlogHer as a family blogger and link back to (this post).
Okay, this is easy. Nordette, come on over, I’d like to be profiled as a family blogger! Really. I’ll sit down at the computer and talk to you, now that it’s too cold to garden. 🙂

3.) Tell how long you’ve been blogging.
I’ve been blogging since June 2006. It started as cheap therapy, and became an enjoyable outlet and connection to a whole new world with a whole new network of people.

4.) Pass this meme on to three other bloggers that you think should be profiled/interviewed.
The hard part of this one is limiting my choices to three! I read and enjoy so many.

I’d like to read in-depth interviews with Farmgirl Susan; Boogiemum; and for a Dad, how about Joe from Club 166? His son had the cutest Halloween costume ever.

Celebrate! I expect to register my 15,000th hit any day now. I hope some of you will take off your coats and stay a while. I have tomatoes ripening on the windowsill, and the coffeepot’s always on.

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