>Hey, that’s my line!

>I got up this morning at 5:30 (grudgingly), fed Buttercup the rabbit, took my shower, dressed, did my back exercises, and then on my way back to the kitchen noticed (ominous music) drops of blood on the floor.I checked to make sure I wasn’t bleeding (I was sleepy enough that I felt I couldn’t assume anything), wiped up the spots, checked the bunny (looked fine), and went back into the bathroom. I noticed a bloody napkin or Kleenex in the wastebasket.
Hmmm…did I mention that Husband got home after 3 AM from his weekend train show?Meanwhile, Amigo got up (late), ate, brushed his teeth, put on shoes, and waddled out to the bus stop just in time.
I got in the minivan (still with modular HO scale layout in the back), and headed for my blood test appt. Yes, I was doing all of this after fasting overnight. Hungry, wanted coffee. On my way to the test clinic, I got stopped by a train — at the slowest intersection in town. After the train, the other light turned green first, so I had to wait again. Bleh. Somehow, I made it to the middle school for my appoinment by 6:50. The nurse couldn’t hear my blood pressure, so she presumed it must not be too high. I’ll just have to guess at the numbers.

Got to school, text-messaged Husband RU OK? Checked my mail, got coffee, found the credit union’s free calendar for 2008 in my box. Its theme? Never a Dull Moment. Hey, where’s the camera? They know me too, too well.

Update: husband is tired, but fine. He wasn’t bleeding. Now we’re wondering — what was in those red spots on the floor? Ketchup? Fruit juice? Tropicana fruit punch flavored soda? Modeling paint? The drops were still partly liquid when I found them, just drying around the edges. It’s a mystery. Never a dull moment, indeed.

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  1. >THat’s weird! Once when I was in high school every once in a while every couple of weeks I’d wake up in the mornign with this odd brown stain on my hands. My mom had it happen to her once or twice too and we never found out what it was. Believe it or Not!

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