>I’ll take Blog Blasts for a thousand, Alex

>You might be a Jeopardy addict if:

You think the Before and After category on Wheel of Fortune is wimpy (Whistle a Happy Tune-p? Try Notre Dame Fighting Irish Pub).
You phrase average everyday responses in the form of a question.
Your thumbs twitch when you’re watching the show.
Your cell phone’s ring tone is Jeopardy’s “Think Music.”
You talk about Ken Jennings as if you knew him personally (Ken would know this one).
You get upset when a contestant doesn’t know something you think is obvious (It’s Gerald McBoingBoing!).
You know exactly how long the commercial break is between the Final Jeopardy category and Final Jeopardy itself.
You plan suppertime around the evening show.
When the college alumni office calls, you offer to make a donation only if the caller can answer a trivia questions.
Kids tournaments make you wonder how you can get your students on the show.
College tournaments make you want to fix up your daughter with the hot champion who might be almost as smart as she is.
The show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” seems too easy because it offers choices and (gasp) lifelines.

When you pose a question to someone else, you hum the final Jeopardy theme song.

And finally the sign that Merv Griffin counted on you for ratings: You know you’re a Jeopardy addict if —
You actually know the title of the Jeopardy theme song!

This post suggested by Parent Bloggers Network and their partner du jour, Oliebollen.com. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Oliebollen’s “fun stuff for kids” really means, but they’re offering an Arm Chair Holiday Shopping Sweep that sounds, if not like a Daily Double, pretty darn fun!
Oh, the theme song? Hint: Merv Griffin’s wife. What is……

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3 thoughts on “>I’ll take Blog Blasts for a thousand, Alex

  1. >Ah, the Matron is decidedly not an addict and can’t remember the song!

    Email for you? I have a friend who has developed some VERY interesting software for the blind — some map stuff, some reading and email and maybe phone? can’t remember — and thought maybe I could hook you guys up. I’m at petri017@umn.edu

  2. >Jeopardy. TV game show. Current host Alex Trebek. Created by Merv Griffon’s wife. Theme song/music called “Time for Toni”.

    The Jerk. Comedy movie with Steve Martin and Bernedette Peters. In the movie, Martin’s character runs away claiming to need nothing except (and these are in order): Ashtray; Paddle game; TV Remote Control; Matches; Lamp; Chair; Magazine.

    As seen on Husband’s website, Trivia section

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