>How much is a million?


If you wanted a swimming pool that would hold a million gallons, you’d better have a big yard. Your pool would have to be 267 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 10 feet deep.
If you counted once per second, eight hours a day, seven days a week, it would take you a little over a month to count to one million.
If you wanted to recall a governor and your organization needed to submit just over 500,000 petition signatures, gathering and submitting a million instead sends a strong message.
Voters don’t need a backyard pool that holds a million gallons. We’d rather take time to support our families than time to count to one million. But knowing that more than one million ordinary, everyday citizens are so disillusioned with their governor that they want to kick him out of office: now that’s worth a million.
Recall Walker Rally Sign

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