Harvest Season

It’s fascinating to look at blog posts from harvests past. Last year, I was doing some of the same chores I’m doing now.

I’m bringing in tomatoes and peppers every day, but I’m still watering the plants left behind because they’re still producing (quite a bit of) fruit.

I’m pruning the tomato plants so the water and sun can go into the leaves and stems that are still growing and still producing. Meanwhile, I’m searching for a source that will sell me garlic bulbs to plant now. Now, I tell you. Not next May. And since no one in town seems to carry garlic for planting, I’m reduced to ordering online.

I bought garlic near Lake Geneva on a visit to La Petite. It grew well. I’m thinking about planting garlic again, but not in the same place. That spot, behind the garage, will be a mess next spring because we’re replacing the garage. We’ll lose half of that plot, and the rest will probably be a mess from the construction itself. I’ll cope; I’ll use a few more containers than usual this time.

Also in that post, I mentioned sunlamps for the herbs. Chuck bought me lamps for my birthday and a timer for Christmas. That helped with the seedlings and the herbs. We also followed through and bought a daybed with a trundle bed that tucks underneath. We didn’t know at the time that this would become my sickroom after surgery in January and late in April. We’re just glad we bought it when we did.

Like last year, I’m cleaning up the containers. Unlike last year, we have straw bales to deal with. The peppers in the bales are still growing, so we’re not ready to pull out the plants and spread what’s left of the straw. I’m still bringing in jalapenos, poblanos, and sweet yellow banana peppers. The tall tomatoes in the Jungle need pruning; I’ll get to it, sooner or later. No pictures, though. Things are looking spindly and scrawny.

Meanwhile, school goes on. My music classes take more of my time this year, and that time is spent well in helping my students.

So, readers, how does your garden grow? How are you handling the fall harvest and putting the garden to bed?

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2 thoughts on “Harvest Season

  1. We pulled out the tomatoes; no more straggling plants in the patio pots! We added a bright yellow mum, and gorgeous purple/green kale. Other plants are all blooming beautifully, various coleus, allyssum, and a wonderful purple thing whose name I will need to look up. Pretty lovely for late September, along with the golden leaves falling daily.

  2. It’s purple setcreasea (Setcreasea pallida) and it has long, purple foliage which spreads nicely, and tiny light purple flowers nestle at the ends. Very hardy and beautiful!

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