>Green Reading: In honor of Earth Week, my favorite eco-friendly sites


Happy Earth Day!

Any lifestyle change is easier when there are others around for support. My teen son may say, “I’m not into this green crap,” but I can dismiss the teen attitude and keep communicating with my greener friends. As I stick the homegrown tomatoes and spinach into everything my teenager eats (ha!), I’ll read my favorite green blogs and web sites and get more and more reassurance and support for my eco-friendly ways.

Ecowomen, Protectors of the Planet! This blog is written by four women who share my outlook on life. The fact that one lives only a few miles away is a bonus. I would read this site if they lived in another country!

Mother Nature Network. They rate highly enough in my bloggy life that I put their button in my right sidebar. Readers can find it there as well as in this paragraph. I like their news roundups, their op-ed pieces, and their blogs. The videos I skip because I prefer text. Take note, MNN; a transcript of your videos might attract a few more hits.

Susan at Farmgirl doesn’t just talk the talk: she lives it. From her adorable sheep to the recipes she posts (using organic ingredients as much as possible), I can live the country life vicariously through her. Don’t forget to read the copyright paragraph! It’s different every post.

Earth Muffin lives south of the border (she’s in Illinois). Her blog resembles mine: a little family, a little life in general, but always with an eco-friendly outlook. Her family is wearing Green Bay Packer attire in the profile, too: we’re kindred green (and gold) spirits.

Then there’s The Best Green Blogs, a directory of bloggers with green sensibilities. I have the button for their home page in my sidebar, too. Ooh, look here!

BlogHer has a green section, too. It’s growing little by little. As we serious green bloggers contribute, this section will get stronger and stronger.

Work It, Mom includes green and frugal articles and features a blog called Sustainable Life. Green living isn’t limited to Stay at Home Moms or farm-dwellers. It’s all of us.

I hope the expansion of eco-sites on the web indicates not a trend, but true curiosity and interest. This can only improve environmental awareness. And as awareness grows, action will follow.

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6 thoughts on “>Green Reading: In honor of Earth Week, my favorite eco-friendly sites

  1. >Don't know if anyone lives by a "Fresh & Easy" store but here giving a reusable bag w/ $10. purchase today. Good if you go their anyway. Will add this to my free Target bag from Sunday. 🙂

  2. >Nice round up of sites. It seems there is so much great information about green living these days, it’s impossible to keep up!

  3. >Ooh, yeah, um…that’s not Packer attire. We just all happen to be wearing green or gold, except for Little M. who has on a (gasp!) Bears sweatshirt. Mr. EM is actually a Raiders and Bears fan, though he does support the Packers when they’re not playing either the Raiders or Bears. And that jersey Big M. is wearing? You might want to sit down for this Daisy…it’s a Bret Favre JETS jersey. The kid’s a Favre fan, he doesn’t care who the guy plays for.

    Anyway, we are eco-kindred spirits!

  4. >Nice round up of sites… all by women. When will the sexism against men end, I ask you?!

    Just kidding, keep up the good work. Also, spinach cheese dip is a good way to sneak spinach into some tasty food.

  5. >I’m sooo lazy I want REAL links to these sites!!

    I sent well over 200 clicks to your site via twitter m’dear.. and did you see my tweet? Sears tweeted me back..

    Said they in fact have reusable bags and will be informing ALL stores that you are permitted to use your own! So there. hunphf. we did it.

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