>Garden mistakes and the courage to solve them

>The road to you-know–where is paved with good intentions. In the case of my garden’s Bunny Food section, my good intentions ended up with too little “pavement.” I reuse boards from an old fence and old deck to create stepping stone style walkways. In my quest to plant more in the existing space, I made the walkways too small. That’s the bad news.

The good news is also bad news. I planted two kinds of spinach, but only one came up. See the space between the parsley and the spinach? Weeds and two too-small boards, that’s all. the good news is that left me space to put down a wider walkway. I pulled out the boards that held back the raised beds and placed them over the weeds and dirt.

Now I have more room to walk, more room to kneel while harvesting or weeding, and I don’t have to weed or water the portion under the boards. The boards themselves will keep the bad seeds down. Next year I’ll know better. For now, change is good. Parsley on the left, spinach on the right, stepping “stones” in the middle: it works for me!

Next on the to-do list: harvest lettuce. Salads, tacos, bunny food, or all three?

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One thought on “>Garden mistakes and the courage to solve them

  1. >Yay! You ROCK for publishing that recipe with all that linky love:)

    I've been thinking about doing something similar in my garden as the price of flagstones make me gulp…I am inspired to see you doing this and will head over to Habitat Restore this week! Thanks, Daisy!

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