>Funday Sunday on — Saturday night?

>Let’s see the TV listings. Brewers play the Astros at 6:00, and Packers play the Steelers at 6:30. The Brewers are neck in neck with the Cubs for the leading record in the National League. The Packers are playing a preseason game. Doesn’t count for the record, and the starters will only play the first quarter if they even play that long.
What to watch?
The answer, sports fans, is obvious.

Score update!! Both Brewers and Packers won Saturday night. doesn’t Damian Miller look cute in his Cheesehead?

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One thought on “>Funday Sunday on — Saturday night?

  1. >right there with ya – football is tops in my house. I’ll even be watching the Steeler/Packer game too – although for just the opposite reason (I’m a huge Steeler fan!).

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