Flu – You can prevent this misery.

My dear friend’s husband is sick: sicker than ever, it seems. He suffered through a cold followed by a sinus infection and now is down for the count with (did you guess?) influenza. He’s not a complainer. He’s more likely to take care of himself and tough his way through these things. But this time, his wife is out of town, his kiddo is a teenager – a good, responsible teenager, but still a teen – and the man is miserably ill. A few of his updates will help describe the situation:

OK, a month of cold/sinus infection, just think I am over it and BOOM!!! hit with a full body aching influenza! Shoot me now. That might hurt less.

Been up four times last night. Muscles ache, head hurts feverish….. yep, still have the flu! Booooo!!!

Auughhhh! So tired of….(cough cough) being sick….<Achoo>. Sigh.

I have fought the good fight today but the plague is winning. Time for at least a two hour nap!

We offered the poor guy some help because we only live a few blocks away. He told me he’s well stocked with juice, soup, white soda, NyQuil, and pain meds. I hope he can rest enough to recover.

I don’t know, however, if he had a chance to get the flu shot. If he had, he might have had a less serious case of influenza or even fought it off completely. I know, I know, I hear you — “Time! No one has time!” Folks, it takes less time to get immunized than it does to be sick, and it’s a lot less painful.

The Center for Disease Control asked me to publicize this one more time: flu shots are still available! It’s not too late! Seasonal flu is off to an early start. With the exception of H1N1, which hit throughout the summer and fall, this is the earliest start to the annual spread of influenza since 2002.

If you, like me, are a reader and a researcher, you can visit the flu page published by the CDC. They have basic information and links to more specific subtopics. But first, I mean it. Get the influenza vaccine. I got mine at a local pharmacy. So did my adult children, with almost no prompting from me. Get the flu shot, and then you can stock up on white soda, soup, juice, and anti-inflammatory meds. You can always share your supplies with those who do get sick.

This is not a sponsored post. A representative from the CDC contacted me and asked if I would post a reminder that it’s not too late to get the vaccine. If you have any doubts, readers, call your doctor. Between the two of you, you’ll be able to make an educated decision and get the shot quickly and efficiently. 

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