Feeding Our Neighbors

Please visit my friend Kelly Wickham, known on the blogosphere as Mocha Momma, known to me as Simply Amazing. She speaks the truth as she talks about hunger and poverty, food “insecurity” and responsibility.

Look here for her speech, transcribed into a post for all to read.

Meanwhile, keep donating to your local food bank, and get on our lawmakers to set their priorities in order. You know what I mean.

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1 thought on “Feeding Our Neighbors

  1. This is a wonderful story. As a side comment, we used to place bags of food for the food bank in large boxes provided in the lobby by our apartment management. We discovered that it was being stolen by residents! I’m sure they were not as needy as the truly hungry. Now we take our bags of food directly to the food bank so that the poor and hungry will have them.

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