>Favre can throw a snowball, too!


You might live in Wisconsin if:
it looks like this outside

and it looks like this inside!

Update: Husband, who worked at Lambeau Field yesterday, describes the weather as “…near white-out conditions.” In his sideline job during the game, he had plenty of opportunities to look up and watch the sky. As he watched the huge flakes drift down to the so-called Frozen Tundra, he had a random thought: “If I were out in the woods right now, it would be downright peaceful!” Well, peaceful it wasn’t, but exciting it was. Next on the list: Go Giants! Why? Home field advantage actually matters as much to our family as it does to the team.

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4 thoughts on “>Favre can throw a snowball, too!

  1. >I cannot imagine what the view would have been (or not have been, as was the case) from our seats far up in the end zone. Glad to say I saw this win from the cozy comfort of my living room!

  2. >MMMmm. It looks nice, but then again I’m not really a football fan. Hockey, now that I like. Unfortunately I’m from Toronto so we’re not going there these days.

    Great pics!

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