>Everyone knows it’s Windy!

>We’re not used to extremely high winds in Wisconsin. Snow, yes. Changing seasons, yes. Driving on roads slick with ice, yes. But wind? Not the usual situation.

How can a visitor tell that these ongoing high winds are unusual?
The first sound out of anyone who leaves their car is “AAAH!”
There’s a sign on a store door: “Please use side door due to wind.”
No one is bothering with their (obnoxious) leaf blowers; the wind is doing it.
Hoods are blown off heads.
I had to put away the watering can, the extra screen for the rain barrel, and more – because I found them bouncing across the backyard.
The minivan tried to change lanes all by itself.
My classroom windows rattle so badly that they knock down anything sitting on the sill.
One student came in with the story of being hit in the head by a branch on the way to school. P.S.; she exaggerates. Her brother said it was a small stick, not much bigger than a twig.
My students like to stand at the window and watch the flagpole rock back and forth.
People ask, “How high is hurricane force?” The answer, as far as I can find, is 74 mph. We’re getting gusts of that, but the general speeds are staying in the 50-60 mph range.
For Wisconsin, that’s plenty windy. I hate to admit it, but I’d (almost) rather have snow!

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5 thoughts on “>Everyone knows it’s Windy!

  1. >OOOOHHH! I hate the wind, and we get quite a bit of it. I keep telling my husband we need to get a windmill so that I can never say that again!

  2. >that wind was CRAZY. The glass door outside the karate school swung open in it and SHATTERED! I'm glad it's over finally.

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