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Decor? Heck, this is just part of the household. Nothing is fancy. Readers, were you wondering why I hadn’t posted any Packers pictures? I mean, you know I hang green and gold ornaments on my Christmas tree. You know I sip coffee from a Lombardi mug that sits on a cheese coaster. With the Super Bowl and my Green Bay Packers in mind, let’s take a brief tour.
This title towel keeps my new bread machine dust free in between uses.

Nap time means Packer blanket throws and green & gold Happy Feet slippers!

Let’s head upstairs.
In the bathroom, I can wash up with a classic and well-used Green Bay washcloth.

In Amigo’s room, tiny rabbit Krumpet hangs out in a Green Bay Packers bean bag chair.
And last but never least, Amigo sleeps in classic Green Bay Packers sheets.

These are just a few examples of the way the Packers infiltrate our lives every day – or simple evidence that yes, we are true fans in this household. Any questions? There will be a quiz on Sunday night.

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