>Eating the Opponent: Detroit!

>Eat our turf, Lions!

I mean – the project continues. La Petite has her lucky jersey (Aaron Rodgers’ retro style), Amigo has his touchdown dance, and we have Eating the Opponent. Upon further review, we found that the Coney Dog actually has Michigan roots. To make this in true Detroit style, we’ll need the following:
  • all-beef weiners, natural casing preferred
  • all meat chili (no beans or other additives), a.k.a. Coney Sauce
  • diced yellow onions
  • yellow mustard (optional)
  • hot dog buns, lightly toasted
Readers, I think you can figure out how it all fits together.
In the interests of shopping locally, I’m going to pick up my hot dogs at the neighborhood corner market and find some good buns at a nearby bakery. I think we can handle the chili ourselves.
Now that I’m an owner, Eating the Opponent takes on new meaning. Or does it? We were pretty hard core already. The Packers have a bye the first week of the playoffs. How will I know what to cook?
In other news: Badgers Fans, consider serving Duck on New Years Day. You get the drift.

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