>Decisions: where to put the new compost bin

>My new compost bin is decorative enough that I could put it anywhere — even in my front yard!

It could go in the back, nestled in the small rosebushes.

Then there’s the deck, near the herbs and the geraniums. Or should it go near the polka dot chairs?

Ah, here we go. It’s not as picturesque as the front yard or the roses, but it’s practical. Next to the garage, in a place where I can reach it even when there’s snow on the ground. It’ll be easy to get the kitchen scraps in it all year long.

(Guest appearance by La Petite)
The new composter is from Algreen Products. It’s available at GardenSuperMart.com. College student posing inside not included.

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6 thoughts on “>Decisions: where to put the new compost bin

  1. >WOW that is a pretty compost bin! how fun!! That is something we need to do .. we have been getting greener every year .. just have not made it to the compost bin yet! Of course many of our old grains and stuff and veggies go out to the birds and squirrels so we are not totally wasteful lol

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