Dear Voters

Dear Speaker (Mr. Ryan, of course);

I’m glad to hear that you don’t think women should be objectified. Announcing publicly that you were “sickened” by Trump’s remarks was a good start. “Championed and revered” headed off in the wrong direction, however. How about equals? 

Yours in equal pay (not), Daisy

Dear Senator McCain;

Is “unendorse” really a word? I guess it is now. This could be even more powerful than “unfriend.”

An everyday middle school English Language Arts teacher

Dear Melania (Trump, of course);

Unacceptable and Offensive I can believe. Unfortunately, I don’t believe you when you say that this doesn’t represent the man you know. Denial may seem like a survival skill now, but you can’t deny his ugly and predatory personality forever. It’s time to step away from the Trump Troll, for your own sake.

A Quiet Observer

To whomever helps the candidate pack his suitcases;

This man needs a wake-up call. Cayenne pepper in the Tic Tacs might be appropriate.

Fresh Breath forever, Daisy

Dear voters;

You can tell a lot about a person by how he treats those he considers his inferiors. This guy doesn’t think of women as people. To him, a woman is an object, something to play with and someone to use. To paraphrase one of Donald’s own misstatements, Nineteenth Amendment people, you know what to do.

Respectfully (and you won’t get that from the Donald), a feminist voter

Dear President Obama (Eight years later, I still love hearing that title!);

Thank you for publicly stating that you want the same opportunities for your daughters as anyone would for their sons. You set a prime example by installing Hillary Clinton as your first Secretary of State. I would expect no less from the leader of the free world.

Daisy, a Dedicated Democrat

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