A Student by Any Other Name

Dear students; I understand you feel you are the center of the universe. I can tell you feel like everything you do is so unique and stellar that there could be no confusion whatsoever. But when you submit your work offline and multiple other students do, too, please PLEASE write your name on your work.

Why, you ask. Why? Take one look at my desktop, and I don’t mean my drop box.

To-do pile, soon to be "Ta-da!"

To-do pile, soon to be “Ta-da!”

It’s like the guy’s desk in the book¬†Revolutionary Road.¬†He had an inbox, an outbox, and a pile he couldn’t face. Well, I don’t have room to spare for that third pile, so I must face a stack like this and deal with it. Read it, grade it, record the grades, and mail it all home to its owners.

Write your name on it, people. Claim your work. Really.

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