>Daisy’s Top Ten: #3 is FALSE


3. I am an expert in flower gardening.

This is a trick question. I grow vegetables; La Petite is in charge of the flowers around here. I thoroughly enjoy the process: the planting, the weeding, and of course, the harvest. Preparing compost for next year is slow and steady, much unlike my fast-paced and stressful work as a public school teacher. The garden and the compost help me slow down in this speedy and multi-tasking world. I grow a few herbs, too, and I’m still learning how to incorporate them into my cooking. Harvesting fresh basil smells so good!

So no, I’m no expert. I learn a little more every year. I grow a simple vegetable garden, and my darling daughter puts flowers around the deck and the house every year.

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One thought on “>Daisy’s Top Ten: #3 is FALSE

  1. >Hi
    You have hit the nail on the head. Time spent in the garden is part of the unwinding process. The fascination of gardening is the fact that there is always something more to learn.
    Thanks for that

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