>Daisy’s top ten: #2 is TRUE

>2. I rode a motorcycle before I drove a car.

My brother and I learned to ride a mini-bike (50cc) and then an on/off road Suzuki 185 when we were in our early teens. The day I got my driver’s license, I took the test for my motorcycle temporary, and followed that with the regular cycle license soon afterwards. It came in handy. During the fuel crisis of the late 70s (hmm, sound familiar?) I was filling the tiny tank much less often than my friends were filling theirs. I actually saw more of my paychecks from my summer jobs because it took so little gas to run my “wheels”.

So when Husband insists he’s getting convertible and calling it his “midlife crisis,” I counter with the statement that when he gets his convertible, I’m getting my Harley. We’d have a lot of fun following each other down the highways!

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One thought on “>Daisy’s top ten: #2 is TRUE

  1. >My hubby drives a Vespa scooter to work (actually, its in the shop right now). But he is a gear head and has a slew of cars. But with the gas prices the way they are, he really uses the scooter plus he enjoys the ride. I’ve been on Harleys but I’m too chicken to actually drive one.

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