Cookies! It’s a family affair.

Winter break at the O.K. Chorale includes a few major traditions. One of those is the annual Baking and Decorating of Christmas Cookies. We use my mother’s recipe (Thanks, Petunia!) for the cookie dough. Next, we use some of my collection of cookie cutters to get the shapes we want.

from left to right: La Petite and Amigo

This year, La Petite and Amigo did most of the rolling and cutting of dough. I made several trefoils (Girl Scout symbol) in memory of the young Scouts who died at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Trefoils and more

Amigo made sure we used all the shapes. Angels, gingerbread boys and girls, Christmas trees, eight notes — see below for a sample.

Guitar on the right; trefoils on the left

But what’s in the middle? One guitar is a little ragged and resembles a tulip. Above it – what’s that?

Eighth note or Ate note?

Finally, the entire family decorates. I make the frosting, Chuck frosts the cookies, and La Petite and Amigo decorate with sprinkles and sugars. The table is a mess, and it’s worth it.


And since we’ve all contributed, the cookies taste better than any others. It’s a sweet and tasty time of family togetherness.

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  1. A the antique mall the week before Christmas, I bought a small camel cookie cutter to replace the one I lost a few years ago. Next year we’ll add camels to the cookies at our house!

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