Brian Beluga?

Sometimes the closed captioning is wrong, and it becomes humorous.

Sometimes it’s the announcer.

There is a media program for the folks who call a football game. It’s a team roster with phonetic pronunciation of the player’s names. Brian Bulaga, for example, is listed as Brian Bulaga (Boo’lahgah). Today’s play by play guy didn’t study the roster before the game. He called him Brian Beluga.

Readers, you’re way ahead of me, I’m sure. We turned it into song, of course. To the tune of Raffi’s Baby Beluga, I give you – Brian Beluga, from the O.K. Chorale.

Brian Beluga on the great green sea.

Block so wild, and you block so free.

Snowfall above, and the turf below,

Just a green and gold guy on the go!

Brilliant, it’s not. Memorable, kinda maybe. But we do have fun watching football.

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