>Book to self connections.

>As kids learn to read the words and understand the content, we help them move beyond the basic levels of comprehension by making connections: Book to self, book to book, and book to world.

Sometimes that spills over into my pleasure reading. I was reading Revolutionary Road and as poor Frank Wheeler faced his desk at work I could envision my own. He had an inbox, an outbox, and a stack of papers he referred to as “…stack of things he couldn’t face.”

Mine are more of a to-do and a ta-dah! basket, with the anything in the ta-dah! basket heading directly to its destination. Sounds efficient, right? Well, maybe. But I still have a “…stack of things I can’t face…” sitting next to the computer. In addition, the actual to-do basket has to wait until the planning and grading are done.

Eventually, it all gets caught up, and I can go home and read again.

If I read enough Harry Potter, maybe I’ll find a wand that will help me vanish the stack of things I can’t face.

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  1. >Rabbits seem like cool house pets. Do they learn to use a litter box? Do you have to walk them? Do you have to sweep and mop often because of them? When my family had a rabbit back in pre-history, it stayed in a pen in the garage, and indoor rabbits I meet these days seem always to be caged. What are the hazards of free-range rabbits indoors?

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