>Aprons galore


They hang in a corner of the kitchen, ready for service whenever I need one. They may be stained from their many hours in the kitchen, but that’s what they’re for. They’re my kitchen aprons, and they’re getting a lot of use now that the jam-making season is going full speed.

I pulled them out for a little better view. This coffeehouse apron is quite faded. It goes through the wash a lot. I bought this one – treated myself to a good apron to protect my clothes in the kitchen.

The pink apron (it’s pink, even though it looks quite pale in the sunlight) was a Mother’s Day gift. It’s in the best shape of the aprons because it’s the newest.
It’s not just pink; it’s a special pink. Part of the proceeds from the purchase went to breast cancer research. The straps sport little ribbon designs in white.
And last – but never the least – is the apron Chuck bought me in Seattle. I enjoyed the city and fell head over heels in love with Pike Place Market. While I was browsing, Chuck bought the Pike Place Market apron without my noticing a thing.
And now, enough of the apron trunk show. It’s time to put one of these in the wash, one of these on, and get to making blueberry jam. Yum.

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