Another Project In Progress – the Garage

Here it is, or was, the day of the demo crew. They said it came down easily. We weren’t surprised.



That was the view from the kitchen during demolition. It was rather fascinating. The process is very methodical and planned.

garage slab

garage slab

Now you can get an idea of how big the garage will be. I know we will love it (I keep telling myself) because of the additional space. But do you see what’s behind the garage-to-be?

garage size

The slab

Behind The Slab

The firewood isn’t mine. Don’t worry about that. It’s the Big Pile of Dirt. I knew we’d have soil left over. In fact, I planned on it. But whoa, baby, that’s a lot of topsoil that needs to be moved to my raised bed. It’ll get done. I just hope I can get it done before planting time.

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