>Am I the PB or the J?

>We are the sandwich generation. I mistyped that the first time, and it came up on the screen as “sand wish.” Maybe that was a Freudian slip; I wish this “new normal” would settle down some.

Husband’s father, my father in law, has been in steadily declining health. He is now on a pump for painkillers, uses a wheelchair when he can and a walker when he can’t, but needs essentially 24/7 assistance. That assistance, of course, falls to his wife, my mother in law.

Husband and his brother are working together to help their parents handle the move to a senior living place, a set-up where both can live and FIL can get more of the help he needs. We really want them living closer to us so we can help out in an emergency; they now live two hours away. They seem willing but they’re stalled, so Da Boys and their wives (me and sister in law) are diving in feet first to get the move, well, moving.

On the other side of the sandwich is school starting. Amigo needs to get ready for the start of his school year. His new backpack sits in its unopened package while the old one with the broken zipper sits in the hallway waiting to be shipped for repair. La Petite, on the other hand, needs to pack and move to her apartment before her semester starts. We anticipate this will take two trips: one with the majority of her belongings, and one final move with her rabbits.

Making the whole thing stickier (PBJs are always sticky) are our workloads. Our jobs, remember those? The occupations that bring in paychecks, pay the bills, keep us from becoming another statistic in this recession of ours. Yes, those jobs. Husband’s job gets crazier with the onset of football season, mine with school starting.

In conclusion, the timing is awful.

Add to that Amigo’s health and basic living chores such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and maybe sleeping now and then….

We’re the sandwich generation, and sticky or not, we need to get used to this situation as our New Normal.

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6 thoughts on “>Am I the PB or the J?

  1. >Oh, and someone once told me that I was in the sandwich generation. Maybe it shifts every few years. Though I seem to have found a new iteration of the sandwich and it is no more tasty that the previous.

    Just don’t let the weight of the bread squeeze out the tasty filling.

  2. >I had never heard of that term before, but it fits perfectly. I hope things even out for you ….you know, smooth PB and not extra crunchy.

    BTW, I tagged you : ) If you can squeeze it in between the bread : )

  3. >Another ten to fifteen years and I’ll be there. My mom’s in her early 60’s and going strong. Could have been there with dad, but Hurricane Katrina took him. In-laws? Girl, if I have to care for my crazy MIL, I think I’ll die. You’re a saint. 🙂

  4. >It’s stressful enough to try to care for your children; caring for ailing parents compounds that exponentially.

    Be sure to take time for yourself and good luck adjusting to the new normal!

  5. >A lot of my friends are caught in that sandwich generation like you. So much caregiving on both ends. I agree with Jordan — it’s essential to make time for yourself in all of this commotion.

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