Actual conversations

Daisy: I’m going downtown to volunteer for a few more hours.

Chuck: You know, honey, the recall election is over.

Daisy: We’re looking ahead: focusing on August and November. Senate, Congress, and state assembly, and of course, re-electing President Obama.

Later conversation:

Chuck: I’m not hearing any buzz for the Democratic candidates.

Daisy: You will. We’re out there. We Dems don’t have the billionaires and their Super PACs on our side.

Chuck: So the appearance is that the Democrats don’t have any money, and therefore don’t have broad based support.

Daisy: That’s not it. Our backers don’t have the billions to spare. We’re supported by others, those who have fewer bucks to donate. Our candidates don’t have as many television commercials because they’re expensive. We concentrate on grass-roots, people to people campaign tactics.

Chuck: But with less money, it appears that the Democrats have less support. That may not be true, but money does buy a lot of exposure.

Daisy: Well, we already know from our recall experience that money can buy an election. Sigh. 

In summary, people, I still volunteer. I will continue to offer my time and knowledge and expertise to the less-wealthy candidates that seem to understand and support the issues that matter to me. We public servants lost one battle, but we’re still fighting the good fight..

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2 thoughts on “Actual conversations

  1. You are inspiring me to put my body on the line for Obama. I don’t want to contemplate four years of romney and his ilk. Jenny

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