>A trip to the French place

>Amigo needed underwear. How’s that for a boring excuse for a trip out of the house? Well, he’s a growing teen. So I headed out to the nearest Tar-jay and picked up his necessary items.
Typical of my shopping trips, though, I made a side trip through the bargain aisle for some Easter basket goodies, stopped and thought about a tote bag to replace my broken purse, looked at the latest in Brett Favre commemorative t-shirts, gazed at the rack of spring-fever Milwaukee Brewers shirts, and then went to the checkout. On the way there, I decided to spring for the tote bag. I’ll use it for our trip this summer, if not all summer. Then a bag of peanut M&Ms in spring pastel colors jumped into my cart, and I headed to the checkout for real. I had exact change (yippee! get rid of pennies!), and then I loaded my bags in the van and left.
Next stop: the thrift store down the road. I bought jeans for Amigo and then (does this sound familiar?) got distracted on the way to the checkout by a garden display. I bought seeds in a brand I’ve never used before. Most look usable, but I didn’t bother to put on my glasses, so any fine print escaped me. I hope they grow! Next, I noticed the book aisle right next to the checkout. I bought (gulp) three. Then I felt guilty for buying used books because the authors don’t get paid for resales, so I checked out. Finally.
So instead of coming home with just one bag of underwear, I carried in two bags from Tar-jay and one heavy bag from Goodwill. And I didn’t bring my own bags, either, darn it. I’ve got to do better on that count.

Next job: fill minivan with gas before prices go up again. What else will I find there? Coffee, perhaps? Mmm. That sounds like an errand for me.

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5 thoughts on “>A trip to the French place

  1. >I keep forgetting to put my reusable shopping bags in the car, too. Now that you’ve reminded me, I may run down to the garage and do that right now.

  2. >I know, I know. The worst part is, I HAVE them in the car and FORGET to take them in until AFTER I’m at the checkout line. Twice I’ve run back out for them, other times I say ‘bag’ it.

    And I love your ‘Tar-jay’ story. I avoid it if at all possible. I have a neighbor who will pick up stuff for me even, so I don’t have to step one foot in!

    I’m thinking of banning Costco too, for the same reason!

  3. >Hi Daisy, thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to meet you. I shop that way too. I rationalize that I am saving gas by getting all the extras while I am already there.

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