>A Friday too strange to be fiction

>Amigo knew the answer to final jeopardy. Neither of his Wise Old Parents did. The category was Music Legends, and he knew that the People Magazine obit for Johnny Cash was titled “Fade to Black.”

The principal can take one look at me and ask, “What did (insert name here) do this time?” She knows my class so well that I can leave a note on her whiteboard saying, “Wardrobe Malfunction” and she’ll know what’s going on – or what had to be turned inside out.

Two kids kept telling me they had to go to the office because they got in trouble the day before. Problem was, they timed this strategically so that they’d miss music, then math. They never said, “Let’s go to the office at recess.” Uh-uh. Tricky? Not.

I was the only intermediate teacher gutsy enough (or crazy enough) to sign up for the Teacher Act of the talent show…until my neighbor in 6th grade joined me. Don’t tell me to break a leg, though; I’m very literal.

Husband woke up with a rather severe backache and tummy ache. He, um, managed to clear it up before leaving for work. He arrived at the station’s satellite office to find that the sewer was backed up and he needed to call Roto-Rooter to come in and fix it. If this isn’t coincidence, it’s mighty scary.

Honestly, it was the week from you-know-where. Monday is coming much too soon, and carries with it the trauma of a full moon! I hope the upcoming week brings relief – of one type or another.

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3 thoughts on “>A Friday too strange to be fiction

  1. >Hey! I knew the Johnny Cash answer too! I actually was amazed they didn’t ALL get it.

    So what are you going to do for your act? Video would be good …

  2. >It always seems that everything happens all at once like this. I’ve had lots of weeks like this myself and understand about the weekends being too short even though I don’t work outside the home.

    Hang in there! Plan on this week being lots of silly stuff in a very fun and good way and see what happens.

    I think it’s great that you signed up for the talent!

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