>Linky love.
Bloggy awards.
Respect. Sharing. Respect.
Oh, I said that already.

I’m a casual blogger, one who writes for enjoyment and because it’s cheaper than therapy. I thrive on the writing process and the feedback (albeit light) in comments. I read many other blogs, too, most of them personal in nature.

Back to respect. I wouldn’t dream of quoting another blogger without credit. If I think enough of a statement that I want to quote it, I’d better credit the blogger and provide a link. Better yet, I’ll send a quick email to the blogger. I’m not a gossip, a tattler. Any dirt I’m digging is real, not figurative (and right now it’s covered with a thick blanket of snow and rabbit tracks). If I refer to other bloggers, they’ll be proud to find themselves here amidst the snow-covered compost.

This movement to Respect the Blogger is spearheaded by Kelly at Don Mills Diva. You can read the basic post here; find the back story of her experience with so-called mainstream journalism here.

Blogging can be fun, casual, intimate, personal, and a whole lot more. But if you’re quoting the Compostermom, you’d better give me at least a link.

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  1. >Hi Daisy.

    Sorry I was working on some Parent bloggers network stuff and am signed in under them. Its really, me, Lisa (from Midwestern Mommy)

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