>2007 Thanksgiving Menu at Chez OK

>The menu is ready! We think it is, anyway.

Pickles & Olives ; Husband and Amigo
French Onion Soup; Husband and Amigo

Main Course:
Turkey with Stuffing; Daisy

Classic Mashed Potatoes; Husband
Mashed Potatoes a la Joie; La Petite
Sweet potatoes; Daisy
Gravy; Daisy
Steamed Asparagus Sesame; Husband
Packer Beans; Daisy and Amigo
1-2-3 Cranberry Sauce; Amigo
Cranberry Jell-O; Grandma’s famous recipe
Pumpkin & Cranberry Breads; Grandma’s famous recipes
Dinner Rolls; Daisy

Pumpkin Pies and Whipped Topping; Brother and Sister-in-Law
Apple Pie; Grandma and Husband

Wines; your Sommelier, husband
Soda (Various); hosts, others as preferred
Milk; Buttercup
Water; Peanut, Sadie
Coffee, Regular and Decaf; Daisy

Some beverages will be in La Petite’s small fridge
Grandma will bring four folding chairs.
We will eat at 3:00 or after the Packer game.
The Packer game will be broadcast on a radio in the kitchen so that the cooks don’t miss a play. (yeah, like you thought I’d make Thanksgiving dinner and miss a Packer game?!!)

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