Wisdom and Laundry – a slightly revised encore

The original post aired in December of 2008. The philosophy still fits, and the details needed only a few minor updates. Enjoy.

Green washing of Jeans: wash first, dry last. Hang to air dry in between.
This saves time and energy by air drying the wettest of the jeans. They’ll shrink less, too, as they can now dry for a minimal time on the delicate cycle.

20 Mule Team Borax is a good invention.
It smells better than bleach, doesn’t spill (well, I don’t spill it as easily), and takes out stains well. It doesn’t cost as much as commercial detergent boosters, and the paper box is recyclable. I’ve used it to kill weeds, too. Hm. This might mean a little more research is necessary.

Detergent makers usually recommend at least double the amount that’s really needed to wash a load well.
Of course! They want me to buy twice as much of their product. Ha, ha, ha. I’m wise to this trick! My usual detergent is heavily concentrated, too; it works as well as the HE (High Efficiency) detergents in my front loading machine.

Dryers eat socks. Sometimes they spit them out later. I keep an Orphan Sock Box in the closet for socks waiting reconciliation.
This also works if one sock in a pair spouts a hole. When another pair from the same package suffers the same loss, there’s a new mate waiting. If a sock really, really doesn’t have a mate, well, I’m still working on that. Cleaning rags, perhaps.

Just because I do this chore efficiently doesn’t mean I like it.
I’ve learned enough tricks to get the family laundry done quickly and efficiently, get the stains out (mostly), and get all the clothes back in the closets and drawers by the time school and workweeks start Monday morning. It’s a necessity, family, not a pleasure. I’m glad Amigo now handles his own laundry.

Clothes must be washed, no matter what the other plans are. Fit it in.
See above. If we’re going away for part of the weekend, I’ll start sorting and washing ahead of time. If report cards are due, I’ll start a wash load, work on math grades, throw the wash in the dryer, work on reading grades, yada yada yada,

Each and every family member needs to own at least two weeks worth of underwear.
See above. If no one runs out of underwear, laundry can wait a week in a pinch. Maybe. So there’s the wisdom; make sure everyone has drawers in their drawers, and the livin’ is easy.

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  1. Addition to your tips: the dryer balls (either rubber or wool) can reduce 5 to 10 minutes of drying time for each load, depending on the content. Do the math, because several loads a week multiplied by weeks per year, it can be a definite reduction in your usage and cost of electricity. Since I’m in an apartment and must depend on a dryer, I’m happy to find a way to use less dryer time.

    I also have a rack that I use for denim and heavy things that I can partially dry in the dryer, and finish on the drying rack!

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