Winter Whine List

  • Another Polar Vortex?
  • Who decided that temperatures below zero were a good idea?
  • Who invented wind chill, and why?
  • Does this cold stretch mean March is coming in like a Lion? It’ll go out like a lamb then, right? Right?
  • By this time we usually mind the snow a little less because we can look forward to seeing it melt. But the temperatures today….
  • I’d throw a little sand and salt on that ice patch, but when temperatures get this low, there’s no point.
  • Dang Arctic blast.
  • The compost bin is frozen. I can’t get the top off.
  • Does the vehicle we’re test driving have working heat? Hey, does the control in the back seat work? And it works well? Sold.
  • Ack! It’s windy.
  • Oof! It’s cold.
  • Why are the seeds already on display at the store? Next to the shovels, no less?
  • There’s another front moving in. Which one of us gets to have the weather headache this time?
  • When will this end?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Whine List

  1. This has been a cold winter. Luckily the cars of today start much better than the cars of 50 years ago. Unfortunately I am again working in this cold.

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