>Winter Break, and the livin’ is (not) easy

>To do list for today:

  • Clean bunny litter boxes
  • Return overdue book on tape to the library
  • Pay fine on overdue book on tape (cringe)
  • Buy bunny food and bread
  • Sign and mail adjudicator contracts for 2008 music festivals
  • Update family prescriptions
  • Take Amigo to doctor to look at potential ear infection
  • Pick up prescription for ear infection (When Amigo says his ear hurts, he’s usually infected)
  • Fill car with gas for La Petite’s trip to job interview at her university
  • Prepare car for possible winter emergency in case back roads are bad on the way to university
  • Remind La Petite to pack food, since her apartment cupboards are bare
  • Make sure all errands are done before La Petite leaves us temporarily without wheels
  • Laundry, including La Petite’s extra baskets
  • Pack boxes for thrift store pick-up tomorrow
  • Clean kitchen (again)
  • Fill refrigerator with fruit from music dept. fundraiser
  • Write thank you notes for student gifts (smile; fourth graders are still cute)
  • Grind coffee beans (oh, such a sacrifice: two Christmas gifts inlcuded whole bean coffee)
  • Nibble on Christmas cookies
  • Read A Wrinkle in Time with Amigo (he got the Braille edition for Christmas)
  • Snuggle up on the couch and watch CNN or the Weather Channel
  • Catch up on Time Magazines and sip coffee or hot cocoa

Come to think of it, maybe the livin’ isn’t so hard after all. Any to-do list that includes reading, nibbling on cookies and sipping coffee can’t be all bad.

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2 thoughts on “>Winter Break, and the livin’ is (not) easy

  1. >Amen! While litter boxes are not so fun, the end of your list is great for a day like this! All to-do lists should include cookies and coffee…the British have the right idea;)

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