>Will she clean for her mother’s visit?

>I’m staying in my daughter’s apartment Friday night. La Petite, age 22, is in college and lives in a place suitable for, well, college kids. Once in a while, she and her roommate clean the place. Sometimes.

The kitchen usually isn’t too bad. The girls like to eat, they cook decent food (the boys down the hall drool with envy), and they wash their dishes. They’ve even been known to wash dishes by hand because the dishwasher and the town’s hard water don’t clean thoroughly. Well, maybe not during midterms or final exams.

The bedrooms are okay for the most part. If the laundry is growing its own compost, I won’t see it. She hides it in the closet, and for that I’m grateful, even though I think she really hides the hamper to keep the pet rabbit from chewing holes in the sweaters.

But the bathroom — the bathroom. It’s an adventure. The landlord replaces parts with no regard for color matching. So even clean, this bathroom is an experience. Mint green toilet with a white seat, a sort of goldenrod for the tub and shower, and a 60s style shade (does it have a name?) for the floor – and remember, that’s when it’s clean.

I asked her if I should bring my own sheets, and she said she has extras. I trust that means clean.

I’m not sure anyone dusts the light fixtures; hopefully they don’t need it. Maybe now that the ducks and geese have flown north for springtime someone can spare a feather duster…

The rest? I’ll take my chances. She’s a college senior with a full course load and more; following Fly Lady’s cleaning tips isn’t on her agenda. Frankly, it’s not on mine, either. Spotless it isn’t, but whose home is? It’ll be a little more comfortable than being a guest in her old dorm room!

Parent Bloggers Network wants to know how people clean. Honestly, I’d rather garden. But gardening tracks in the dirt, so I can’t help but clean a floor and a sink once in a while. I don’t have any Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner yet: am I missing the boat? Will it replace the crowded shelf I call the Cleanser Bottle Graveyard? Is it environmentally sensitive? Is this disclaimer a little too long and a little too silly? I blame the wine we had with dinner. At least I’m looking forward to a fun weekend.

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3 thoughts on “>Will she clean for her mother’s visit?

  1. >hey! That’s my ugly kitchen floor tile! *gag* My whole house is a flashback to the oldies down to the Goldenrod frig. *sighs*

    hmmm..least you got an invitation. My 25 yr old son doesn’t bother…moreless clean or cook! (oh the shame!) 😛

    Have fun!

  2. >That bathroom floor would coordinate nicely with my kitchen floor- miniature Flintstone bricks in that lovely harvest gold. 🙂

    These are the things that memories are made of. When that floor was new and I was still a puppy, we kids had a bathroom wallpapered with a big green, purple and white jungle leaf pattern. The best part was the raised velvety bits. Coyote ugly magical.

  3. >I know you will not believe me, but this is the honest to higher being truth. The slum that we lived in for two years when we moved back to Boston had that very kitchen floor in those very colors. Only ours was ‘of the period’ meaning there were worn holes in it and it peeled at every doorway.

    But what is REALLY funny is that the cabinets were white, the fake tile (made of metal) backsplash was a lovely turquoise with black trim, and the stove was black. It was the most HIDEOUS kitchen ever, but it was also huge. HUGE. With that floor. You cannot even imagine the horror!

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