>Why I’m taking hiatus from posting Recipes

>When I look up recipes via my blog, I find errors. Typos, ingredients left out…

  • It’s becoming a chore instead of fun. “Oh, no, what will I post this Tuesday?”
  • I’ve found myself repeating recipes too often.
  • My recipes are becoming boring – to me. And if I’m bored, you’re probably bored.
  • Change is good.
On the other hand:
  • I’ll still post seasonal recipes while the Farmers’ Market is running.
  • My garden will inspire more; I’m sure of it.
  • I like to play in the kitchen; I’ll share some of those experiments with my readers.
  • If there’s a story behind a recipe, it’ll make an interesting post.
  • I’m working toward incorporating more meatless meals into the family diet. Those may be worth sharing.
So, dear readers, I’ll still share kitchen stories and kitchen fun and maybe even join in a foodie blog hop or two. But for now, The “kitchen stories” label will have a well earned rest.

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