Why I volunteer – encore

This post is from almost exactly four years ago. My political involvement tends to swing up every four years, for some reason. I haven’t signed on officially yet, but it’s inevitable. Once again, it’s essential that we get another Democrat into the White House. This is personal. Heck, maybe “This is personal” is reason number 11.

Here’s the encore.

Top Ten Reasons I Volunteer

10. I’m one of many who are suffering under the actions of current state *cough* leadership.
9. The tea party war against women sets us back fifty years – or more. What’s next, repeal the 19th amendment? No, don’t answer that.
8. One coworker no longer admits to being a teacher. She’s tired of the blame game in the public realm that considers state employees to be a drain on the budget, rather than hardworking professionals.
7. Grass roots are strong; anyone who has tried to turn a patch of lawn into a vegetable garden knows that. Grass roots movements thrive on volunteer contributions.
6. Contributions don’t have to be financial to be worthwhile. My volunteer time makes a difference.
5. I vote, and my vote counts. I help others realize that their votes count, too.
4. I’m not willing to run for office, but I’m willing and able to work for others who will lead well.
3. The National Education Association (NEA) was once called a terrorist organization. Now my state association members are being called “thugs.” Name-calling used to be a playground problem; I’m doing what I can to get this childish behavior out of the state capitol.
2. Someone has to make a difference.
And number one, the top reason for volunteering, is borrowed from Dr. Seuss. In the words of the Once-ler, here it is:
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better; it’s not. —Dr. Seuss

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