Why I Don’t Get the Morning Paper

We tried to cut our subscription to weekends only. on a typical workday, I don’t read the newspaper until after school, and by then, it’s way outdated. I’ve probably run across all the major headlines on Facebook during my lunch break.

The local paper didn’t offer a weekend subscription. The closest we could get was a Friday-Saturday-Sunday. We gave in got the three day subscription.

Then the local paper changed its subscription structure again. They extended the “weekend” to include Thursdays – no extra charge. This must be for the advertisers’ benefit. Thursdays are stuffed with flyers, and I can’t think of any other reason to add Thursday to a “weekend”.

Add to this the fact that our carrier is not the most reliable. If he were on a basketball team, he’d miss all the free throws. If he played football, he’d be constantly out of bounds. The morning paper arrives, but doesn’t always make it up onto the porch. This weekend, I finally found Thursday’s paper – on Sunday. Sunday’s paper was on the sidewalk at the foot of the steps. When I walked down to get it, I saw Thursday’s issue – tucked in behind a pile of snow, backed up against the porch steps at an angle that completely hid it from view until I came down to the sidewalk. I had to balance precariously at the edge of the snow to reach it.

So here it is, Sunday. I’ve finished the Sunday paper, and now I’m going to read Thursday’s. Maybe I’ll find something new and informative. Maybe not. Maybe the comics page will be the only page that’s actually “new”.

Readers, family, friends – do you get a daily paper? Why or why not? I’m curious.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Get the Morning Paper

  1. We only get the Sunday paper and that’s so we can have access to the paper all week online. For Lent though I’ve given up reading the paper online – politics are too depressing and then when Sunday comes I’ve read all the articles already.

  2. You are probably well aware that at one time I read four daily newspapers. That was more than a decade ago. I now read two daily newspapers, cover to cover, partly because my vision is not the greatest for reading from a screen, and partly because I can usually find more in-depth information from written articles than television. A newspaper is a compact form of reading material, and I admit I use it carefully, reading first the headline. If it includes certain words I skip the article, go on to the next, check the headline, then the first paragraph, and choose what I need to read further. Comics, sports, and six word puzzles are daily necessities. I still read some newspapers online, carefully chosen for my deep interests.

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