>Who put the wheels on my hollyhocks?

>Those vagabonds. Really. First the tulip and daylily traded places. Now there’s a hollyhock in the middle of the as-yet-unplanted garden plot. How does this happen? I blame the squirrels for the bulbs moving. But the stray hollyhock? Maybe a bunny or bird ate a seed and, er, dropped it there.

I transplanted it before spreading the compost. Here’s hoping it thrives in its new home.

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6 thoughts on “>Who put the wheels on my hollyhocks?

  1. >Maybe you moved it WITH the compost?

    I love that you can recognize a hollyhock at that tiny stage! I love walking through my yard finding the tiniest, newest shoots.

    After moving into our house in NJ, I couldn’t tell what all these ‘weeds’ were all over, they were coming up everywhere. I left them ‘just in case’. And Oh My Heck, they were all oriental lilies! TONS of them, they were fabulous!

  2. >Somehow this sort of thing always happens to me. Whenever I purposefully plant something it struggles to grow. But the seeds that blow in with the wind or are transplanted by critters – those seem to flourish.

    Hopefully your transplants thrive!

  3. >Thanks for stopping by my site today! That is most curious about the moving plants. Hope it survives in its new home!

  4. >My goodness! I had the exact same thing happen to me! I have a new, lush plant about two feet from the original. Who would have thunk?

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