>Where’s the bunny?


Where’s Waldo? No, where’s Tiny? This little bunny moved into Amigo’s room from his outdoor hutch when winter hit. Husband has been working in Amigo’s room, remodeling and repainting, and the small rabbit has found new places to hide and hang out and do rabbit things, like bathe and nap. Can you find him?
Okay, I give in. Here he is. He has taken this shelf, temporarily stashed in the middle of the room and currently empty of Braille books, as his own.

Cute, huh?

(Don’t forget the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. )

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3 thoughts on “>Where’s the bunny?

  1. >Two things strike me:

    1) At first glance, the room reminds me of what my office at work looks like all the time, and

    2) Husband has nice tools *drool*

  2. >Realllllly cute, and ‘cute’ is not a word I use frequently. Is he a dwarf species? My American pal has a dwarf pair of bunnies and they are too cuddly to describe – or they would be if it wasn’t for too much over enthusiastic hugging from small people.
    Best wishes

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