>When it’s cold outside

>Where did this cold weather come from? It was hot, hot humid summer last week, and all of a sudden (and it really was sudden) there were frost warnings for the northwoods. I closed all the windows tightly, put an extra blanket on our bed, and of course made coffee. When it’s 54 degrees outside at school bus time, a warm mug in my hands can steady my train of thought.
This set of mugs isn’t really a set. They kinda-sorta go together in a theme — they’re all about trains. Husband is a train buff and HO-scale modeler. He usually drinks his hot cocoa (not a coffee fiend like me) out of the Green Bay & Western mug on the bottom left. I like the National Railroad Museum mug on the bottom right, and the smaller Hiawatha line mug is perfect for a small cup o’ Joe. Ah, a little history and a little java are just the things to keep me on track on a cool morning. Pun intended, of course.

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