>What’s on the City Council Agenda for tonight?

>No, don’t answer that.

When someone has a beef with the mayor and takes it out on the City Council with a gun, that’s not right.
Tragedy is like a pebble dropped in a pool of water. Its concentric rings represent the victims at many levels.
Those killed and those injured are the water immediately displaced as the pebble falls.
Those present are the first and closest ring.
Those responding are another layer of that first ring.
Family and friends of the victim.
Neighbors and local people, their confidence shaken.
Those within hearing distance of the sirens, knowing it’s bad enough to rate the national news.
People in similar arenas begin to feel vulnerable, changing the way other City Councils and municipal groups do their business.
And it all comes down to one overwrought person, with or without a history of violence, overreacting to a perceived injustice and taking “justice” his own way.
And the impact, the sadness, spreads. No current can ever fully wash it away.

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