What’s Next on the Blog?

The garden has officially succumbed to the freezing temps overnight.

The election will be over (and I’m worried, yes, I’m worried) on Tuesday.

So what’s next? How will Compost Happens find a way to continue without politics or gardening on the topic list?

Don’t worry, friends, family, and fans. There is still almost half of the NFL season to go. You’ll read the reactions of the O.K. Chorale as the Packers do their best to protect their best – Aaron Rodgers, that is.

The garden by be a simple pile of dirt and scattered straw, but I’ll continue composting all winter long. The second (and smaller) compost bin is closer enough to the house that we dump scraps in it all year round. I still have a tray full of green-turning-red tomatoes. There isn’t enough for soup, but I have enough ripe cherry-type to add to salads and stews and other dishes that we’ll still have fresh tomato taste for a little while longer.

As for the election results – I’m sure there will be reactions, good or bad, from the family here at the Chorale or from our favorite time traveler, Grandma Daisy.

What to write? Blog fodder? No shortage here, folks. As my favorite quarterback said a few weeks back, R-E-L-A-X. I’m not going away any time soon.

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