>What a difference a year makes

>I woke up Friday morning and didn’t feel the dread that used to envelop me after a difficult day. What was the difference? Location, location, location.
School personnel talk about building climate, and we don’t mean the heating and cooling systems. The current climate in my building is one of support and collaboration. My rough day was shared by others, and we got together to take positive action for change. Those changes were for kids, and we teachers were simply the means to the child-friendly end. Exhausting, yes, it was. I faded quickly after supper and didn’t even do my homework. Shhh…don’t tell my class!!
Now — yesterday, I woke up and went through my morning routine not whistling a happy tune, but at least looking forward to the day ahead. When I got to school, I had to let the bread supplier in the building. Poor guy was out there standing at the locked door in below-zero wind chill. Then I loaded two reams of paper into the copier as long as I was waiting for it to warm up. As I left the copy room through the cafeteria, a young girl had arrived at school much too early, so the chief cook and bottlewasher (don’t call her a lunch lady!) invited the girl to help set up for breakfast. It’s considered a privilege to Work Lunch or Breakfast, so this girl was smiling and feeling important.
Later that morning, the principal came zooming by and closed a few strategically located doors, letting us know that we should be prepared to secure the building if need be. I hurried my kids out of the gym and to the room, and they cooperated (for a change). Fortunately, the threat never became real, but I was relieved to know that my bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, bouncy bunch could handle a quick change like this without falling apart.
There were more issues and incidents throughout the day. It wouldn’t be teaching if a few memories weren’t created each day! But in the big picture, while I didn’t forget the difficult Thursday, I didn’t need to move to Australia, either.

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