>What a difference a week makes


On a cool but sunshiny day at the end of March, I dumped the pieces out of the box and put together my mini-greenhouse. My goal: to start more from seed this year, using the greenhouse structure to protect the small seedlings from evening frosts.

Then, about last Wednesday, Mother Nature had other ideas. She dumped (there’s no other word for it) she dumped more than 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on our house, our trees, and (you guessed it, readers) my new mini-greenhouse. If you can find it behind the lilac branches that are bent nearly double under the weight of the snow, my mini-greenhouse stands on our snow covered deck.

Picturesque, wasn’t it? Well, it was pretty enough if it had come in November. In late April, we’re about over the loveliness of this white stuff. We’d rather get out the garden spade than a snow shovel.
What a difference a week makes! Finally, finally, most of the snow is melted. My mini-greenhouse is full of pots, and many are poking little green shoots above the soil. No, don’t mention it, please – I know we’ve had snow in May some years. Shhhh.

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