>Welcome, Wabbit


Meet the new member of the family. “Buddy” belonged to a neighbor who had two male rabbits. Then Buddy had babies. Oops. Now they have one baby rabbit, and we have the lovely Buddy. She has cow-like coloring, so La Petite has suggested renaming her Betsy. Buddy/Betsy is a Rex, so she’s very soft. It feels like petting a thick blanket when we hold her. She needs her claws clipped, so we’ll take her in to get to know the vet soon, very soon. In the meantime, Buddy/Betsy is our new furry friend.
Darwin, we still miss you. You’ll always be our special honey bunny.

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2 thoughts on “>Welcome, Wabbit

  1. >Oh she’s Be-U-Ti-Ful!!! My dad just brought a bunny home to his girlfriend. It’s not as big as Buddy…er Betsy, though. My dad says they can hold this one in the palm of their hand! I can’t wait to receive a picture of it. Congratulations on your new cutey of a pet!

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